We are specialised in using low-code technologies to power cost-effective solutions with short development times.

We use CMS, white labels or low-code technologies to create solutions that require short development times. 

We create solutions that are very constantly iterable and that our clients can easily manage without the help of tech people. 

Our technologies allow us to develop solutions saving hours of development, and so the associated costs.

Launch your within days or weeks

  • 100% custom : build your digital solution the way you want
  • Many features : low-code offers almost all the features you see in market products
  • Full project : we manage the full project for you, from customisation to implementation

Manage and edit your services the easiest way

  • Administration panel : we provide you simple dashboards to edit most of your product
  • Documentation : find in the documentation how to deal with classic processes
  • 24/7 support : we back you up for any issue and more complex operation

To showcase your business, gain visibility and trafic

To promote, sell and easily manage your products online

To create a new service that fits in everyone’s pocket.

All our solutions are flexible and easy to handle

Estimate your project

Send us some details about your needs,
we’ll send you back a first estimation in 24h.

We help entrepreneurs and companies in launching their company, new innovation or improve their online audience.